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Adventure learning or practising rock climbing!
I would like to introduce you to La Pedriza, a labyrinth of granite rock belonging to the Guadarrama National Park in Spain. With this Project we will facilitate, with local guides, rock climbing holidays in a truly extraordinary environment with fantastic scenery and weather!
La pedriza has over 1.000 rock climbs and countless foot paths.To find the best climbs effeciently and get the optimum experience a guide is essential.
We want to help you make the most of it ... enjoying the mountains, the walls and the holaweather in a fun and safe way
We also offer pick-up and drop-off from Madrid International Airport and B & Bs in Manzanares el Real, a historic mountain town at the foot of The Pedriza, so it couldn´t be easier!
Chose a set package or create your own package.
Let us make it easy for you !!!!

Luis Pastor 
Climbing instructor

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These are some of the climbs and the landscapes you can enjoy around La Pedriza

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CREATE YOUR OWN PACKAGE ( minimum two people)

 Prices per person

Coaching sport climbing . *                                £ 50 / day

Guiding traditional climbing .                                    £ 90 / day

Sport climbing course initation.                         £ 70 / day

Sport climbing course leading.                          £ 80 / day

Multipich traditional course leading.                 £ 100 / day

Walking day.                                                        £ 25 / day

Hire equipment. **                                               £ 5 / day

Bed & breakfast.                                                 £ 25 / day

Pick up & drop off, Madrid airport.                   £ 15

Yoga for climbers.  2nd class half price                £ 10 / session

We would chose the crag after checking all the parameters.

** Rope, carabiners, harness, quick draws and trad gear but bring your own climbing shoes. That is very personal.

SELECT A SET PACKAGE (minimum two people)


2 Days.  First day initiation course plus one day coaching.                                      
£ 110
3 Days.  First day initiation course plus two days coaching                                            £ 150
4 Days.  First day initiation course plus three days coaching                                         £ 180


- Lodging. bed & breakfast                                                                                   £ 25/day

- Equipment. Rope, carabiners, quickdraws, helmets and harness                         £ 5/day
- Picking up and drop off from the airport and trips to La Pedriza (crag)             £ 15 return


- Flights

- Lunch and dinner
- Insurance
- Climbing shoes

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My qualifications

The guide
Luis pastor is a qualified climbing instructor who has been climbing 20 years. He is an experienced mountaineer who has travelled to the most beautiful mountain ranges and crags around the world.
He is employed by the Mountain Rescue Service that operates in Guadarrama mountain range.
He has lived in the UK (Bristol) and has climbed throutout. He speaks fluent English.
He is currently based in Manzanares el Real, La Pedriza

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Photos Bed & Breakfast

The Bed & Breakfast is just 3 milles from La Pedriza

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